Thank you for coming to our company's website.
Our company has been growing up over 20 years along with development in electronics industry since 1984, in which 8 bit computer was launched first in the world.

We have contributed to developing the local electronics industry with providing the electronic parts and developing the electronic automation products in the beginnings of enterprise and providing 8,16 bit

computers, the electronic measuring instruments and the development equipment in the initial production.
Now, we are producing the control devices for home appliances as a subcontractor for LG Electronics (Changwon Plant), the greatest local electronics company, and also producing the main control devices for elevator and various kinds of sesors, other industrial contols in the field of industrial electronics.

Also, we are providing various types of electronic parts by means of directly developing or importing them.
From now on, we will devote our energy to be a "The company which will be of help to you" and "The person who will be of help to you" for electronics industry.